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6 Politically-Minded Plays and Musicals Not to Miss

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Photo courtesy of TheSecretThings.com

The Secret Things

Los Angeles-based rock trio the Secret Things is releasing a music video and will be performing a concert benefiting the LGBT nonprofits It Gets Better Project, TransLatina Coalition, and TeenLine.

Secret Things members Cynthia Catania, Steve Giles, and Dan Nelles will showcase their “Down by the Water” music video at the Hotel Café in L.A. September 15. Directed by Sue Ann Pien, the benefit will bring together music, passion, and above all, a shared vision for a greater future — and it’s only $10!

“When I direct a music video, I'll often get a flood of imagery and concepts that free flow down from the ethers,” Pien said in a statement. “As if I'm tuning into an idea which wants to birth itself through my creative endeavors. This last music video for the Secret Things’ PJ Harvey cover of ‘Down By the Water’ happened similarly. Learning the original song was about filicide, my ideas for updating that theme to bring awareness to transgendered people's journeys felt mystically right.”

Purchase your tickets for the September 15 performance at HotelCafe.com


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