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Bare Strength: Classic and Surprising

Bare Strength: Classic and Surprising

Michael Stokes is a sure bet. His standard for models exceeds perfection, but also includes military vets of astounding beauty who are also amputees. Besides being awesome examples of physical perfection, the photographs have an attitude and a point of view.

Stokes states on his Kickstarter page, "In Bare Strength there will be a chapter of my amputee marines, but most of the book will be images of fitness competitors, personal trainers and body builders from around the world.  I want to thank all the people who have supported my work and encouraged me to follow my vision.  I simply want to continue to explore raw, male sexuality through images that are either unique or a homage to a masterpiece but always outstanding and fresh."

Stokes is not only a photographer but a collector as well. See our recent article on the Taschen book by Dian Hanson called My Buddy, which uses Stokes's vast collection of vintage photos of military men, many of them nude.

Warning: Some photos included have been cropped for your protection.



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