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21 Historic Photos of Queer Nightlife and Activism

Recalling the "Liberate the Bar!" exhibition, which explored the intricate relationship between nightlife, activism, and creative expression across space and time.

15 Photos of What Gay Fatherhood Looks Like

Dads is a journey into queer fatherhood in the U.S. More than 40 families are portrayed by Belgian photographer Bart Heynen.

Happy Birthday Truman Capote

Truman would have been 98 September 30. Put on your caftan and let's walk down memory lane.

Australian Firefighters and Their Friends for 2022

This unbearably cute calendar brings a smile and tons of support for some worthwhile organisations.

Superfine Is a Welcoming Place for LGBTQ Artists

Forgoing the standard stuffiness found at typical art exhibitions, Superfine founders Alex Mitow and James Miille set out to change people's perception of the art world.

Mikael Owunna, Blackness, and African Cosmologies

Owunna believes in order to bring forth the future destinies of African diasporic art, one must return to and revive its ancient origins.

Artists Change Perceptions of HIV in Paris Exhibit

ArtPositive is an international exhibition by visual artists living with HIV that aims to combat stigma, discrimination, and isolation that people with the virus still face.

PNPPL Zine 6 Brings Art, Photography, and a Sweet Deal

PNPPL zine 06 features 14 artists/photographers from France, Germany, Columbia, Spain, Argentina, Greece, Canada, Italy and New Zealand.

Superfine, an Art Fair by and for LGBTQ+ Millennials, Hits Seattle

"We built Superfine to be a warm, welcoming space where people who loved art as much as we did could collect it without barriers," its founders say.

Naked Men Mix With Turkish Art In This Stunning Collection

In these photographs, the naked male form that was historically never depicted in Islamic art comes to light.

Photographer Rick Castro Returns After the Plague

This collection from Rick's archives tells his story of being immersed within the depths of melancholy, hope, and renewal.

This Is What Gay Fatherhood Looks Like

Dads is a journey into queer fatherhood in the U.S. More than 40 families are portrayed by Belgian photographer Bart Heynen.

Rob Tennent Captures Erotic Beauty in New Zealand

I’m Going to Miss You documents the long and nostalgic summer days, shared with beautiful men. The book of photography explores intimacy, sensuality, and romance.

Boys! Boys! Boys! Launches Photo Competition

Enter the competition and win photo fame!

Many Sao Paulo Locals Want to Show Off in Elska

Elska Magazine, a publication dedicated to sharing the bodies and voices of gay communities around the world, has put the spotlight on São Paulo, Brazil for its latest book.

Fred Scarf's Triple-Threat: Modeling, Music, Skin Care

And don't forget his degrees in politics and technology from Cornell and Berkeley. Oh, almost forgot, he's also a dancer.

Safe/Haven: Gay Life in 1950s Cherry Grove

A 2021 exhibition from the New-York Historical Society took an intimate look at one of the first gay beach towns in the United States.

NoRal Apparel Gives Body Positivity for 2021 Swimwear

We love following the imaginative fashion brain of NoRal Apparel's Ron DuWayne as he creates outrageously sexy swimwear for every body.

Don and Victor: Love and Art Together

Artist Don Hershman is set to exhibit his latest collection of original pieces, as part of a retrospective series inspired by the late Victor Arimondi.

Greek Art, Public and Private, by Yannis Tsarouchis

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Greek painters of the 20th century, Yannis Tsarouchis finally gets a major U.S. exhibition.