Dr. Laura calls for listeners’ support on antigay measure

Controversial radio and talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is calling for the support of her audience to back an amendment to a U.S. Senate education bill deemed antigay by gay activists, according to Gay.com. The bill, which was authored by North Carolina Republican senator Jesse Helms, would prevent the delivery of federal funds to any school that prohibits the Boy Scouts of America from using school facilities without barring similar organizations. So far only one school district, in Florida’s Broward County, has barred the BSA outright, though many schools have expressed concern that the BSA’s exclusion of gays violates school nondiscrimination policies. Schlessinger has been urging her listeners to write their senators in support of the amendment. John Aravosis, whose Web site StopDrLaura.com called for an advertiser boycott of Schlessinger’s television show and was instrumental in the cancellation of it this spring, says, “What she is doing is absolutely hideous, but to her credit, it’s absolutely consistent with her previous behavior.... It only makes sense that she’d saddle up with the biggest homophobe in the U.S. Congress.”

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