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Sopranos' gay mobster live free or die?

Sopranos' gay mobster live free or die?

The juicy gossip about Vito Spatafore spread quickly on last night's episode of The Sopranos, leaving Tony unsure how to respond. (Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you've saved the episode for later viewing.)

The boss was inclined to let Vito live his life, but the crew thought otherwise once Vito's homosexuality was confirmed. Carlo, who's been given Vito's piece of the business, warned Tony that no one would work for Vito now. Christopher even discussed it with a friend from his drug days who's been hired to act as middleman when the gunmen arrive from Italy to whack Rusty Milio. Paulie was among the most furious at Vito, which could suggest an interesting subtext: Perhaps Paulie, portrayed throughout as a never-married mama's boy, protesteth too much.

But while the boys want Vito killed, they'll have to find him first. After grabbing some cash and kissing his sleeping kids goodbye, Vito fled to New Hampshire in search of a cousin. He found no family but did stumble on an idyllic small town. As he watched a gay couple share a leisurely meal and a chat with neighbors at a local diner, viewers got a glimpse into the life that Vito's aching for. As he explored the town's antique shops, he seemed to consider ditching mob life for shopkeeping, just like Viggo Mortensen's character in A History of Violence.

Vito wasn't the only one reconsidering his choices last night: Meadow was appalled that her family didn't share her outrage over the plight of a Muslim family she'd met at the legal clinic. And she fought with Finn over the Vito situation and the feds' treatment of Johnny Sack. Finn wasn't happy either: After Meadow announced that Finn had once seen Vito with another guy, Tony forced Finn to tell the details to the crew at Satriale's.

Carmela also had her share of frustration: Despite months of prodding, Tony still hasn't pressured the building inspector to get the spec house approved. And after discovering that her father had sold off the supplies at the house, she also found that her friend Angie is doing business with the guys. Amid all of this, Tony somehow stole a few moments to leaf through Yachting and the Robb Report. But with so much trouble brewing, it isn't likely he'll have time to enjoy his riches. (Melissa Rayworth, AP)

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