The Wachowskis Say They're Still Best Friends

The Wachowskis Say They're Still Best Friends

The Wachowski siblings reveal there's been no change in their working relationship since Larry's transition to Lana, in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The filmmakers, best-known for the Matrix trilogy and the lesbian-themed drama Bound, discuss their forthcoming epic Cloud Atlas, which marks the first time they’ve worked together as Andy and Lana instead of Andy and Larry. EW asks if Lana's transition had changed the way they work together.

"We’re brother and sister," Andy says. "I mean, it’s different in the way people perceive it. But the set is our set, and we run it like we always run it." Lana adds, "Andy has always been my best friend in the world, and we just have a good time when we’re hanging out making things up. That’s always been the same."

Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant, will open October 26.

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