WATCH: Who Can Do a Better Ian McKellen Impression: Hugh Jackman or Michael Fassbender?

Cast members of X-Men: Days of Future Past set out to answer the biggest quandary this summer movie season: Whose Ian McKellen impersonation is superior — Michael Fassbender or Hugh Jackman? In the newest iteration of X-Men movies, Fassbender stars as a younger version of villain Magneto, while McKellen portrays the same character decades in the future.

Jackman started the group interview with a saucy question, asking Fassbender, "how much McKellen goes into your young Magneto performance?" Fassbender responded with a spot-on impression of the acclaimed actor. He cheekily added that since they would be acting on screen together, he "thought it'd be weird and didn't want to ask him to go and study [Fassbender's] voice."

James McAvoy, who is in a similar situation in the film and acting out a young Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, gave his rendition of the Star Trek: The Next Generation alum.

McAvoy then turned the tables on the interview, asking Hugh Jackman to give his impression of other cast mates. Jackman poked fun at both McKellen and out director Bryan Singer.

X-Men: Days of Future Past, which also stars Ellen Page, opens in U.S. theaters on May 23.

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