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Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen Enthusiastically Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

"I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone."

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart's Relationship Explained

Garry O'Connor explores the fascinating friendship in his new book, Ian McKellen: A Biography. Read an exclusive excerpt below.

Ian McKellen Blames the Closet for Spacey and Singer's Alleged Abuse

"If they had been able to be open about themselves and their desires, they wouldn't have started abusing people in the way they've been accused."

Ian McKellen Has No Regrets About Coming Out — and You Won't Either

The gay actor marked the 30th anniversary of his coming-out with an empowering message for others.

50 Years, 50 Heroes: Christopher Racster Honors Sir Ian McKellen

For the Advocate's 50th Anniversary, Outfest executive director Christopher Racster honors Lord of the Rings and X-Men actor Sir Ian McKellen.

Sir Ian McKellen Calls Beauty and the Beast Gay Controversy 'Rubbish'

The legendary out actor commented on the sexual orientation of the character LeFou, and the lack of gay characters in general: "Why should they be excluded?"

Ian McKellen: 'I Am Sorry. Gandalf Doesn't Do Weddings'

The legendary out actor turned down $1.5 million to officiate at the wedding of the founder of Napster and a pop singer, because he'd have to appear as his character from The Hobbit films.

Ian McKellen: 'India Needs to Grow Up,' Abolish Antigay Law

The out British legend told a Mumbai newspaper, "India is going through what the U.K. went through 30 years ago."

Why Did Ian McKellen Break Million-Dollar Memoir Contract?

The legendary actor and activist explained why he decided to return a generous advance.

Sir Ian McKellen's Emotional Reading of a Coming Out Letter

The legendary British actor brought a coming-out letter to life, and the performance was emotional and intense.

5 Times Ian McKellen Made Us Proud at Manchester Pride

The elegant LGBT icon stole the show.

WATCH: Will Ian McKellen Marry Derek Jacobi?

Actually, the two great gay actors aren't engaged, but Thomas Roberts had the impression they were.

Patrick Stewart Locks Lips With Ian McKellen

The sizzling bromance between out actor Ian McKellen and straight ally Patrick Stewart achieved new heat when the British actors reunited at a premiere.…

Patrick Stewart: 'Supporting Gay Rights Is Natural'

The iconic actor talks about his new film Match, the joys of sex, and why he's honored to to be misidentified as a gay man.

WATCH: Ian McKellen Helps Man Propose

X-Men's Ian McKellen lends his star power to one fan's marriage proposal video.

Can You Guess What Iconic Role Sir Ian McKellen Is Playing Next?

McKellen tweets that his next role is tackling a 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes.

Ian McKellen on 'Vicious' Queens and Obliterating the Closet

The legendary actor speaks with The Advocate about playing gay in the groundbreaking new sitcom Vicious and how coming out of the closet helps change the world.

WATCH: Everyone's Favorite Buddies Play the Newlywed Game

The two British thespians answer questions about each other's food preferences and fantasy acting roles.