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Everything LGBT at New York Comic Con

The annual convening of geek culture in New York City has plenty to offer queer fans.

Downton Abbey’s Bisexual Duke Cast in Daredevil TV Show

Charlie Cox has won the role of Matt Murdock in the upcoming Netflix series

10 LGBT X-Men

With X-Men: Days of Future Past currently blowing up at the box office, we take a look at some of our favorite LGBT X-Gene carriers.

WATCH: Ellen Page Recounts Coming Out for GMA

While promoting her latest X-Men film on Good Morning America, Ellen Page opened up about the love and support she's received since coming out of the closet.

Will Game of Thrones Actor Daario Naharis Go Full-Frontal for Playgirl?

Actor Michiel Huisman has been propositioned by the pinup magazine.

Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis Join 'Jem' Cast

The LGBT allies join the live-action version of the queer-favorite '80s cartoon

A Virtual Queer Romance Becomes Reality

After they found each other through the video game Here Be Monsters, the relationship of these two women blossomed into love.

Queer Comics: Featuring Vexed Wisecracker

This week, we have a surprisingly honest view of circuit parties.

'Sailor Moon' Begins Streaming 'Uncensored' on Hulu

The beloved 'magical girls' series from the 1990s is re-airing on Hulu uncensored with the same-sex romance of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune intact rather than being edited out as it was in the first American version of the series.

John Barrowman Promoted to Series Regular on Arrow

The out actor has portrayed the villainous Malcom Merlyn on the popular CW show since its inception.

WATCH: Grant Gustin Burns Rubber in 'The Flash' 5-Minute Extended Trailer

Grant Gustin goes from Glee's gay bad boy to iconic superhero in the upcoming Arrow spin-off. Watch the full five-minute extended trailer here.

Glee's Chris Colfer Starring in Upcoming Noel Coward Biopic

A film based on the life of the witty playwright is scheduled to begin shooting later this summer.

Queer Comics: Featuring 'Vexed Wisecracker'

Lyme disease comes alive in the form of a dirty hipster in this week's edition of Vexed Wisecracker.

WATCH: Gaymer Launches Campaign to Battle Lack of Same-Sex Couples in Nintendo Game

Gaming fan Tye Marini encourages players to discuss the company's refusal to include same-sex couples in the game Tomodachi Life.

LOOK: 'The Legend of Bold Riley: The Talking Bone' Pt. 4

The Legend of Bold Riley follows the tale of a queer female explorer, boldly adventuring into lands far and wide. Read the latest installment now available on

WATCH: Lesbian Character Could Be Coming to 'Gotham'

The network has begun promoting the new show and sources say an out character from the comics will be appearing this season.

Queer Comics: Featuring Vexed Wisecracker

Are easy hookups really the essential difference between being straight and being gay?

Hugh Jackman Says Next Wolverine Film Will Be His Last

The Australian actor confirms he's ready to hang up his claws.

Les Mis Actor Eddie Redmayne to Star as Queer Artist Lili Elbe

Redmayne teams up with Les Mis director Tom Hooper for the adaptation of David Ebershoff's The Danish Girl.