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Mastering a Gay Ritual: The Boozy Brunch

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Gay people have no shortage of amazing rituals — wit, shopping, dancing until dawn, etc. — but one of the best is brunch. Sitting at a table with bellinis, blueberry pancakes, and a gaggle of friends, discussing what happened the night before, is a pleasure known by many LGBT people. But have you tried hosting your own leisurely liquor-soaked mid-morning feast? Boozy Brunch: The Quintessential Guide to Daytime Drinking, a new book by Brooklyn writer Peter Joseph and New York photographer Salma Khalil, features dozens of drink recipes that provide hair of the dog, and then some (there's even recipes for some classic brunch dishes). See some of our favorite cocktail confections on the following pages.


Le Perroquet
makes one drink

"An interesting mix of bitter and sweet flavors. Pair this drink with Nicoise or Caesar salad."

dash Campari
dash gin
2 oz. orange juice
4 oz. champagne
lemon twist
orange twist

In a champagne flute, pour the Campari, gin, and orange juice before adding the champagne. Garnish with the twists.


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