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WATCH: Captain America Stars Would Rather Be Naked Than Costumed

WATCH: Captain America Stars Would Rather Be Naked Than Costumed


Which of the superhero film's cast have no qualms about showing skin?

In an interview in anticipation for the MTV Movie Awards, Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie said they'd much prefer to walk around in the nude than have to wear their outfits from the film.

Stan, who portrays Captain America's antagonist in the film, said being naked would be "really freeing" and that he "can hardly even sit" in the movie's tight-fitting costume.

Stan is no stranger to flashing skin on-screen. In USA Network's short-lived Political Animals, he portrayed the gay son of the Secretary of State and appeared in several same-sex romps in bed.

Mackie commented that he'd like to be "completely naked." When the interviewer said Mackie was "confident in himself," Mackie playfully threatened to "unleash the Falcon," a reference to his character in Winter Soldier but also something I wouldn't mind seeing in a full-frontal scene in next year's Avengers sequel or Captain America 3.

Chris Evans, on the other hand, was much more demure during the interview. He stated that he'd "always" prefer to walk around in his Captain America superhero costume. Costar Scarlett Johansson wondered if that would be a wise decision in hotter climates, but Evans insisted, responding with "What if you lived in normal life and had to walk around naked all the time? It just can't happen."

While Evans won't be seen on the streets, letting his American flag flap in the wind, the hunk is gracious enough to make appearances with his gay brother, Scott.

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