WATCH: Ellen Page Shares Her Coming Out Experience on GMA

WATCH: Ellen Page Shares Her Coming Out Experience on GMA

On today’s episode of Good Morning America, Ellen Page spoke with Amy Robach about life after coming out as a lesbian, as well as being a part of the ensemble cast comprising X-Men: Days of Future Past.

"The reaction [to coming out has] been really beautiful and I think it's been so beautiful because, to me it's so indicative of the change that's happened and how society has evolved," Page told Robach. "And I couldn't be more grateful for just the support I've had, and quite frankly for me, it was just pretty immediate, and I felt like all this toxicity and worry and baggage that I was carrying, just sort of vanished. I don't think I could even have anticipated how happy I feel."

Page, who stars as Kitty Pride in the new X-Men film, spoke highly of her cast members, saying that it was rather easy to get along with the huge group of stars, since she had already met a number of them while filming the third movie in the franchise.

Robach also spoke with Page about her newfound talent of renaming people's dogs. Page has begun using Twitter to help pick new names for her followers' pets, and suggested that the host begin calling her pooch "Grapes."

Watch the interview below.

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