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Robby Cook's Disney-Geek Mash Up

Robby Cook's Disney-Geek Mash Up


Out cartoonist Robby Cook combines the cute and the heroic to create amazing mash-ups.

SnowWhite earthBender

Robby Cook's playful art mixes iconic pop culture characters into amazing mash-ups. His cartoonish art style embraces the cute and the powerful, a combo that's worthy of a spot at any animation studio. The Advocate recently sat down for a chat with Cook to discuss his work and love of all things Disney and superhero.

The Advocate: What inspires you to create?
Robby Cook: I get inspiration from everywhere. Books, TV, movies, the internet etc. I also get a lot of inspiration from my boyfriend, business partner and partner in crime-fighting. He too is an artist and just as creative. I feel like I sometimes feed off of his creativity. I also get a lot of drive to create from my family and friends. They are extremely supportive of my work, and that lights my fire to create more.

Does being queer influence your artwork?
I think in a way it does. Aside from the fact I love long flowy hair and yards and yards of fabric, I like to draw women just the way I like to draw men. Strong, powerful and fierce. I do feel like being queer allows me to bring a different perspective on drawing super men and women. It also reminds me of how important representation is in art. Different races, genders and sexuality.

See more of our talk with Cook and check out more art on the following pages.

Disney Marvel Villains Monster Mash

Disney Avengers, Assemble

What was your gateway art drug into the world of geek culture?
My Dad (also an amazing artist and former game designer) was a big part of how I got into geeky things, as well as my passion for drawing. Mom introduced me to the usual Disney movies as a kid. Dad introduced me to (at a very early age) Star Wars, Terminator, Aliens, Star Trek, etc. My dad had this huge box of comics that I liked to go through. I mainly would pick out the X-Men comics, the old ones from the 70's. I got hooked on the drawings and artwork by Jack Kirby. I loved the way he drew superheroes.

What geeky things are you currently obsessed with?
Oh my, how long do we have? Doctor Who, Avatar: Legend of Korra, Big Bang Theory. I am an animator by day, so I am guilty of having days where I watch every animated super hero show on Netflix. Like Justice League, Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers Earth's Mightiest heroes, the Amazing Spiderman, etc. Of course, I have also kept up to date on the summer blockbusters, Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-men Days of Future Past, and I loved the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Ariel waterbender

Ursula blood bender

Where do you get your amazing mash-up ideas?
A lot of them come from conversations with my boyfriend, Zachary, from long car rides, dinner time, hanging out at the bars. The mash-ups also come from what I am currently obsessed with at the time. Like the Avatar/Princess series. Those are two things that I love and wanted to find a way to merge them.

You must have a favorite superhero character, right? Who might it be?
I do! What gave it away? I have 2 that I am fond of and both are X-Men. Ice Man aka Bobby Drake. I feel like personality wise I can relate to him. He's a goober and doesn't take things too seriously. But he's evolved over the years. I love the progression of his powers. He's just become super powerful. The other is Storm. I LOVE that woman. She has been a goddess, a vampire and a queen (and with the attitude to back it up). And she has had some fabulous fashions statements over the years.

Disneyfied Guardians of the Galaxy

Esmerelda firebender

Jafar, LongFeng

Jasmine firebender

Jessica Rabbit, Asami Sato

Kida, Flynn, Shang, Team Fire Ferrets

Esmerelda firebender

Megara Mai

Pocahontas airbender





Retro Style X Men

Sailor Phoenix

Sailor Psylocke

Sailor Rogue

Sailor Shadowcat

Sailor Storm

Sailor White

Tiana swamp bender

Violet With and Silver Dash

White Lotus


For more from this talented artist, follow Cook on Tumblr and Facebook.

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