WATCH: Grandmother Says Being Gay Doesn't Matter

WATCH: Grandmother Says Being Gay Doesn't Matter

Many people have stereotyped older generations as being antigay simply because of the era in which they were born. However, Elaine — the grandmother of comedian and radio talk show host Dave Rubin — is proof that age has nothing to do with a person’s opinion on LGBT civil rights.

In the video below, Rubin asks his grandmother to share a few words of wisdom she has picked up during her lifetime. After she says the most important thing in life is “to be a kind person,” Rubin reminds her that he told her he was gay a few years ago. Elaine not only says she doesn’t care, but that she had completely forgotten about her grandson’s sexuality. “I guess I’ve known it, but I never think about it. It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Are you a good person? That’s all that counts,” she says before adding. “How many people aren’t gay and they’re stinkers? So what’s the difference?”

Clearly, anyone wishing to live a good life would be wise to take a few notes from Elaine.

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