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Nicki Minaj Admits She Lied About Being Bisexual

Nicki Minaj Admits She Lied About Being Bisexual

In an article in Rolling Stone that is either brand new or a few years old but reposted on their website this morning thanks to a technical glitch (reports seem to vary on this), rapper Nicki Minaj says that she claimed to be bisexual early in her career solely to garner attention. "I think girls are sexy," she's quoted as saying. "But I'm not going to lie and say that I date girls."

Minaj confounded fans yesterday when lyrics for a new mixtape came out in which she says she's voting for Mitt Romney, and while Twitter went wild with haters, several media outlets came to her defense. Feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte tweeted, "Anyone who seriously thought Nicki Minaj endorsed Romney should quit writing and learn to understand basic humor tropes." Minaj ignored the hubub.

And though LGBT fans are now wondering which of Minaj's sexuality declarations are true, it's likely the hip hop star will ignore this issue too.




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