Soapside: Advocate's Guide to Daytime

Soapside: Advocate's Guide to Daytime

Countdown to Forbes March debut on As the World Turns !

The highly anticipated return of Forbes March to daytime is finally here. Look for the former Nash Brennan of One Life to Live to debut on As the World Turns as Noah's film adviser, Mason Jarvis, July 14. Yes, Mason is gay. Would that mean a possible triangle in the future for Nuke and Mason? Here's a preview of what Forbes had to say to about his new role in my upcoming interview with him on my website next week: "Just because there is another gay character does not mean they are going to be bed-hopping. However, there are three points to a triangle. I assume there will be a triangle, because otherwise I am going to be looking for another job in six months."

The actor also tells me some of the reactions he was getting from some close to him.

"You know what's been really weird? The number of people who have been concerned for my wife, which is so bizarre! They keep saying, 'What does your wife think?' Like this should be a real point of concern for her. I mean, she is this bodacious blond, if anybody can attest to my straighthood, it is my wife. Do people think I am going to turn gay? I don't think it works that way!" [ Laughs ]

However, Forbes clarifies that playing gay is something he relishes. "The whole gay thing was not a big deal to me. I thought it would be a chance to play something interesting. A lot of my friends are gay. I did call them and asked, 'How would you like to see a gay person portrayed on TV'? I know it sort of sounds like a kind of a funny question. The consensus was, 'Please! Don't do the campy affected thing.' I have some close friends who are gay and I owe them one."

Otalia Backlash. But Hold on Folks!

I have received numerous e-mails from many upset Otalia fans over the latest plot point in which Natalia finds out she is pregnant from her one night with Frank and goes MIA!

One concerned fan wrote, "They have assassinated Natalia's character. Having her pregnant after a round of unprotected sex and then not realizing it for four-five months just makes her stupid. It is such a stereotypical way to go with a lesbian love story." Another e-mail stated, "Olivia and Natalia have not even kissed after several months in a relationship. And now Natalia is pregnant by creepy Frank."

OK, let's all take a deep breath. I have it on good authority that the story ain't over and there will be a happy ending and this is just another bump in the road. So hang on. It's a soap opera. We have seen this before with lesbian story lines, where one of the gals gets knocked up. And believe me, I am on your side, and I get it, and it's annoying. Now the creative team of Guiding Light has to move the story along since the show goes off the air in three months and reunite Olivia and Natalia before everyone tunes out. OK, I am going to give you next week's Otalia preview. Don't turn off your computers!


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