Currents Bryan Safi Keeps it Gay

Currents Bryan Safi Keeps it Gay

Bryan Safi has returned with a second season of That’s Gay, a segment on the Talk Soup-esque infoMania that satirically examines how the media treats and represents LGBT people, issues, and characters. From rappers declaring “no homo” to the saving power of gay best friends on reality TV, Safi and his co-creator Natalie Proctor have used humor to shed light on offensive stereotypes perpetuated by the likes of John McCain and even Kathy Griffin. Sitting down with The Advocate, Safi discusses the gay undertones of Jersey Shore, working as a writer for Ellen DeGeneres, and the imperative need for “don’t ask, don’t tell” to protect all those straight “anal virgins.”

The Advocate: What was the inspiration behind That’s Gay?
Bryan Safi: It started last year when I saw an episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker and she [Patti Stanger] had a client on. She kept saying, “Are you a bottom or a top?,” “I love my gays,” and that kind of thing. And I thought, God, that is crazy that people speak about their gay friends like that. I wondered if there were a lot of other examples of that and there are. So the first episode was That’s Gay: Gay Best Friends, and from there That’s Gay evolved.

That first episode was hysterical because it really does highlight how people remove a gay person’s individuality and just define them as ‘the gay.’
Exactly, even people who are huge supporters like Kathy Griffin and Tyra Banks say that. Kathy Griffin is really funny and does support the community, but separating the gays from the rest of the humanity makes you seem like an alien.

Your last segment was on "don't ask, don't tell," and you claim that whole debate boils down to the threat of the gay penis. What do you think is so scary about the gay penis?
All these arguments are about close quarters and showering together. It is the idea that we gays are super promiscuous so why wouldn’t we enlist for four years just so we can check out a straight dude and see what he’s packing? It all boils down to these poor guys who enlist, these anal virgins, and how we can’t have them around ass impalers. The arguments are basically masking the word anal rape.

It’s the fear that the collective gay community will abandon West Hollywood and P-town and head to Fallujah. I mean, who needs a Dlist account when you could just enlist?
Exactly! Why wouldn’t you want to risk your life just so you could cop a feel and get some ass?

Check out the most recent installment of That's Gay below.


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