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Can Satire Be Racist? on Obama

Can Satire Be Racist? on Obama


More proof context is everything: The Daily Show Wednesday tackled what conservatives are calling "the Obama downgrade." The show's "senior black correspondent." Larry Wilmore. had some stern advice for President Obama's weak response to the U.S. credit rating getting downgraded by Standard & Poor's last week and the results were either hilarious liberal satire or embarrassing old-school racism, depending on who you ask.

"America finally gets its first black president and our credit goes bad," deadpans Wilmore. In conversation with Jon Stewart, Wilmore suggests Obama should be more stereotypically black to ward off our creditors, because he can get out us out of the red "by going black" and learning to "own it." But by own it, Wilmore really means rent it.

No words on how fast Obama should evolve on LGBT issues, but surely Wilmore has ideas about that too.

Watch here.

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The Obama Downgrade
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