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Glenn Beck 'Horrified' by 'Glee,' Working on Alternative

Glenn Beck 'Horrified' by 'Glee,' Working on Alternative

Glenn Beck has a new mission: He’s out to take down Glee.

Beck, speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C., Friday, said he and his wife were horrified by the show, so he’s come up with a plan for a conservative alternative, Talking Points Memo reports.

“A year ago I was watching the show Glee with my wife and we watched it like this,” Beck said, with an exaggerated expression of his jaw dropping. “It’s horrifying some of the things that they’re teaching high-schoolers. But it’s brilliantly done. It’s brilliantly done.”

The right-wing talker is developing a “push-back with artists with music, but not the stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music,” he told conference attendees.

Earlier in the week he discussed his plan for the show with website BuzzFeed, saying it will portray “the good and the bad” in teenagers’ lives but “not celebrate high school kids hooking up.”

“We are working with a rapper — I can't say who yet — but my audience and his audience will say, ‘What?’” Beck said coyly. “We jokingly call this our Oedipus project because the left will be making out with me ... and they'll have no idea. Somebody will say, ‘Do you know that’s ... ?’ and they’ll say, ‘Oh I don’t care, I just really like the music.’”

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