WATCH: Dancing Queens, Studs, and Divas

There has yet to be a two-man or two-woman dance team, but anyone who has watched ABC's Dancing With the Stars over its incredible 18 seasons has had plenty of LGBT stars to cheer on.

Lance Bass was dazzling and went the furthest, Carson Kressley was unforgettable as usual, Margaret Cho and Andy Dick made us laugh, Martina Navratilova persevered, and Chaz Bono impressed the world with his dance steps, and by living proudly as a trans man, with his mom Cher spotted in the crowd for support.

Now viewers are watching swim legend Diana Nyad. And that made us think back to our favorites. Tell us which was your perfect 10 in the comments below.


Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer came in 3rd on season 7


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