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RuPaul's Drag Race's Max: I Made a 'Grave Mistake'

RuPaul's Drag Race's Max: I Made a 'Grave Mistake'


The Advocate spoke with RuPaul's Drag Race's Max after she sashayed away.


Everyone's favorite episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, "The Snatch Game," aired this week. The contestants donned their best celebrity impersonations, and many of them -- including Pearl as Big Ang, Ginger Minj as Adele, Katya as Suze Orman, and Kennedy Davenport as a lip-glossed Little Richard -- slayed it.

Surprisingly, Max, who has a background in a theater, disappointed the judges, channeling the look of past Drag Race winner Sharon Needles but not her haunting charm. The Advocate spoke to Max after she sashayed away about, as she terms it, her "grave mistake."

The Advocate: How did you prepare for RuPaul's Drag Race?
Max: Shock Therapy, pre and post.

Why did you choose Sharon Needles as your "Snatch Game" celebrity?
I was told that dead girls have more fun! A grave mistake!

If you could have impersonated another celebrity, who would it have been?
The "delichitz" and "bootiful" Miranda Sings.

Whose impersonation impressed you the most? Why?
Suze Orman today, Suze Orman tomorrow, Suze Orman forever.

Kennedy received some criticism from the other contestants for choosing Little Richard. Do you think she broke the "rules" by selecting a man to impersonate?
Curious, but there have been stranger choices this season.

This was the first season with a beard challenge. Would you like to see more gender-bending on Drag Race in future seasons?
Isn't it entirely gender-bending!?

The judges loved your look, but Michelle Visage said, "What's missing was everything else." If you could go back in time, what would you change about your performance?
I would have not left my gray hair once. Curses and splashes!

What happened with your wardrobe malfunction onstage?
I took a moment to breathe after feeling faint, sang a little ditty per Ru's untelevised request, then hopped back onstage. During another's critique! I wouldn't interrupt my own, shame shame.

Were you surprised to be in the bottom two?
It was a week of raw nerves. Nothing was surprising so much as overwhelming.

What was going through your mind during your lip-synch against Jaidynn?
I was very frightened.

Looking back on the episode, would you have done anything else differently to avoid elimination?
I think we can all agree that a bit more ferocity is in order.

Who is your favorite among the remaining queens this season?
They are all horribly, dreadfully talented. I like that Violet girl more and more each day. Katya is also miracle.

You and Trixie went to school together. Has she changed much since then?
She owes more to Sallie Mae now, I think.

In your opinion, which eliminated contestant, other than yourself, deserves to be brought back next episode?
Trixie. She shouldn't have left in the first place.

What do you think are the qualities and skills required to be America's Next Drag Superstar?
Passion and a progressive mind.

What lessons have you learned from your time on RPDR?
To be strong and to never lose confidence. Never waver.

What are the must-see destinations for an LGBT visitor to Minnesota?
Hunt and Gather. Take me with you when you go.

What first attracted you to drag?
The big beautiful entertainment industry, the magic of fabricating from one's mind and talent.

What inspired your drag name?
I needed to keep my name because I need the authenticity.

What should a drag queen always keep in her purse?
A small animal friend, like a squirrel or iguana.

What's next after RuPaul?
Max is next, after RuPaul.

Thanks, Max! See a throwback video of Max performing as Beast in a production of the Beauty and the Beast musical below.

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Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds is the editor of social media for The Advocate. A native of New Jersey, he writes about entertainment, health, and politics.
Daniel Reynolds is the editor of social media for The Advocate. A native of New Jersey, he writes about entertainment, health, and politics.