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What's the Story, John Stamos?

What's the Story, John Stamos?


What did you think about your shout-out on Glee a few episodes back? One character said, “They say it takes more certainty than talent to be a star. I mean, look at John Stamos.”
Yeah, that was a weird one. I love that show, but I didn’t see that episode. I heard about it, though. I get that it’s funny to say my name in something, but usually it’s sweet like the Step Brothers thing. When it’s not, like the Glee thing, it’s like, who cares? I just opened my fourth Broadway show, so I’m doing OK. And as far as having certainty, I don’t think that’s what’s gotten me anywhere; I’m probably one of the more insecure actors out there.

In 2007 you made headlines when you acted loopy on the Australian talk show Mornings With Kerri-Anne and said that a Daily Telegraph reporter had “a small penis.” So if you get any negative reviews for Birdie, will you blame it on the critics having small penises?
[Laughs] I was mad at that guy because he put on a video from our interview, when it was early in the morning and I was dozing off, and he made it seem like I was on drugs, which was not true. My mother saw that and got really upset. So when I went on that talk show the next day, I made fun of the guy by saying he had a small penis. He tried to sue me for that, you know. I said, “The only way he’s going to prove me wrong is to whip his dick out in court,” so the lawsuit went away. But I’ll be honest: When I went on that morning show, I was drunk. Yes, I was on sleeping pills and I was jet-lagged, but I was also just plastered. And I never said I wasn’t, but that whole Warner Bros. publicity machine got involved and said, “Just say he was jet-lagged.” I said, “No, tell ’em the truth! I was fucking drunk in Australia. Big deal.”


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