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Gay Sex Will Be Decriminalized in Singapore, Says Prime Minister

(CNN) "Sex between consenting men should not be criminalized," Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said over the weekend.

As Beijing Hosts the Olympics, LGBTQ+ Rights in Asia Remain Dismal

The Beijing Games will portray a rosy picture of life, but the reality is much different for millions of queer Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Marriage Equality Rejected by Thailand's Constitutional Court

The ruling has outraged activists, but the court did say that legislators should take action to guarantee equal rights.

130+ LGBTQ Rights Groups Demand Protection for Vulnerable Afghans

The rights organizations voice concern over the history of the Taliban and the group's extremist views. 

130,000 People Celebrate Pride in Taiwan After 200 Virus-Free Days

In a year full of turbulence, this celebration is a welcome relief.

Indonesian Police Arrest Nine in Raid on 'Gay Party'

The raid continues a series of anti-LGBTQ+ actions by Indonesian authorities.

Outbreak Among Gay Clubs Stokes Homophobic Resentment in South Korea

A man unknowingly spread COVID-19 at gay clubs in Seoul. Now, media coverage is repeating antigay tropes.

The Most Vulnerable People in the World Right Now

Transgender and third-gender people in impoverished nations like Bangladesh are alone and adrift.

Gay Sex Still a Crime in Singapore Thanks to Dubious Legal Rulings

Keeping a law on the books just to demonize a minority is clearly wrong, writes Philippe LeDoux of Human Rights Watch.

No Murder Charges in Burning Death of Indonesian Trans Woman

LGBTQ rights advocates were shocked by police statements about the crime.

From Taiwan to Botswana, LGBTQ Equality Made Huge Progress in 2019

Many Americans think this year was all about losses, but gains were actually won around the globe.

Indonesia Is Trying to Screen Out Queer Teachers

The nation's international schools are quizzing teachers from overseas on such topics as their preferred "gender composition of an orgy." 

Conservative South Korean Lawmakers Launch Attack on LGBTQ Protections

Amnesty International calls a proposed change to the human rights act a "shameful step backwards."