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The United FORrlando Concert Experience

It was a night of catharsis and conversation as the Los Angeles LGBT Center held an emotional benefit for the victims of the Pulse massacre in Orlando and their loved ones. 

The Trans Teen Who Changed the World

Check out this exclusive clip from Raising Zoey, the story of a trans girl who took on her school — and won.

These Out Celebs in India Are Trying to Decriminalize Homosexuality

Five of India’s most famous out citizens put their careers at risk in trying to decriminalize homosexuality in an appeal to the nation's Supreme Court.

PHOTOS: Explore India's 50 Shades of Gay

Filmmaker Shubham Mehrotra is on a mission to show her fellow Indians that there are many ways to be gay — and all of them deserve respect and equality.

Visit Tenn., 'Laugh at an Effeminate Child,' Says FoD

Enjoy time off in Tennessee, where you get to “sing a sad country song about your gay friends being refused counseling services,” promises Funny or Die's latest satirical video. 

Is This Hillary Clinton's Gayest Campaign Ad Ever?

This pro-LGBT video capitalizes on Hillary Clinton's famous declaration: “Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”  

STUDY: Yes, Talking to Voters About LGBT Issues Fights Bias

A new study shows that having direct conversations with LGBT people and their allies helps voters be less prejudiced against the LGBT community. 

Atlanta Tries to Block N.C.'s 2017 NBA All-Star Game

Atlanta’s city council spoke out against North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, asking the NBA to reconsider Charlotte as the host city for the 2017 All-Star Game.

How LGBT Groups Reacted to Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

LGBT people and organizations from all over the country are urging the Senate to look past the partisan divide and give judge Merrick Garland a 'fair hearing.'

Crowd Cheers for Canadian Navy's Gay Homecoming Kiss

Master Seaman Francis Legar became the first member of the Canadian Navy to kiss someone of the same-sex, Corey Vautour, as part of the ceremonial homecoming tradition. 

WATCH: This Treetop Proposal Will Make You Swoon

National Geographic’s 'Campfire Stories' documented a proposal that might restore your faith in fairy tales. 

'Moderate' John Kasich Dodges Gay Student's Question on LGBT Protections

Ohio Gov. John Kasich might just be the only GOP candidate who is not in favor of overturning the marriage equality decision, but he won't say much about LGBT rights beyond that.

Malawi Waivers Yet Again: Reinforcing Antigay Laws

Just when you thought it might permanently decriminalize homosexuality, the Malawian government reinstates its antigay laws 

Andreja Pejic: Trans People 'Can Change Public Opinion'

Jim Obergefell, a leading advocate for marriage equality, and the world's most famous trans model talk about the adversities faced by transgender people.  

German Men's Health to Feature Trans Fitness Model on Cover

Ben Melzer will make history as the first out trans man to be featured on the European edition of Men's Health. 

Pakistan Paper Censors Gay Kiss on New York Times Cover

The editors responsible for removing the image of two Chinese men kissing contend it was for the safety of their staff and to abide by restrictive laws concerning 'blasphemy' in Pakistan.