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Visit Tennessee and 'Laugh at an Effeminate Child,' Says Funny or Die

TN, F or D

Lest Mississippi and North Carolina maintain a monopoly on the anti-LGBT tourist market, Tennessee is currently debating its own spate of hateful legislation. 

Naturally, that prompted Funny or Die to volunteer its own tribute to the anti-LGBT aspirations of the Volunteer State. In light of the recent anti-LGBT bills that have taken the country by storm, the comedy site has been creating pointed satire through faux "tourism ads" that rely heavily on sarcasm as they critique state-sponsored bigotry and taunt legislators who are diving “head-first into discrimination.”

The new clip, posted Tuesday, is a reaction to the latest anti-LGBT bill passed by the Tennessee legislature, House Bill 1840. This hazardous, first-of-its-kind legislation would allow therapists and counselors across the state to refuse to serve members of the LGBT community, as long as they cite a sincerely held "religious belief" or "moral conviction." 

Funny or Die's ad “boasts” of the myriad activities for people to do in Tennessee. Visitors can “ride a horse without worrying a gay guy is looking at your butt,” or even “tiptoe across humanity to relive a time when people were unequal.”

Those looking for a more relaxing vacation can unwind and “gaze at the beautiful rolling hills, where the fog is as thick as our ignorance,” or “laugh at an effeminate child." As night falls, kick back and “let the fireflies illuminate your extremism.”

The latest “tourism ad” is a third installment in Funny or Die's parodies, preceded by spoofs on North Carolina and Mississippi, both of which have been severely criticized for implementing sweeping anti-LGBT laws.

Watch Tennessee’s travel advertisement below: 

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