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Vatican condemns gender-affirming surgery as threatening ‘unique dignity’ of a person

The document, which also goes after abortion and surrogacy, was approved by Pope Francis, who has had a mixed record on LGBTQ+ rights support.

It’s Easter, and Trump spent Holy Week hawking a Bible

Some of The Advocate's editorial team discussed Trump's "God Bless the USA" Bible. Let's just say they had thoughts.

Watch Sue Bird talk about coming out in exclusive clip from her documentary 'Sue Bird: In The Clutch'

Catch the WNBA legend talk about her decision to publicly come out after being out to her family and friends for more than a decade.

Recap: President Joe Biden gives State of the Union

Will Biden speak about the state of LGBTQ+ rights? Stay here to find out.

Disgraced Florida GOP ex-Chair Christian Ziegler won’t face prosecution

Ziegler had been accused by a woman of raping her in a Sarasota apartment and filming the encounter without her consent.

New York City Archdiocese condemns funeral of trans icon Cecilia Gentili at St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral even held a Mass of Reparation. Gentili's family has called out church leaders for what they said was "hypocrisy" and transphobia.

See what makes Kristen Stewart's leg hair stand on end in 'Living for the Dead' clip

Watch this exclusive clip from the queer ghost hunting show's season finale.

House Republicans are 'obsessed' with attacking LGBTQ+ people, say Democratic lawmakers

GOP lawmakers should lay off the assault on LGBTQ+ rights, the Congressional Equality Caucus says in a new report.

North Carolina Republican says trans people should ‘find a corner outside somewhere’ to go to the bathroom

It's only the latest anti-LGBTQ+ statements from North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who has called LGBTQ+ people "filth" and "maggots."

Watch Alexandra Billings shine in the trailer for the queer coming-of-age film 'Queen Tut'

Here's your first look at the film about an Egyptian teen who relocates to Toronto after the death of his mother and finds a queer family who embraces him.

Trans rights leader Kris Hayashi to lead advocacy department at National LGBTQ Task Force (exclusive)

Kris Hayashi has been a stalwart advocate in the LGBTQ+ movement for years.

21 must-see Brandi Carlile collabs that will change your life

Brandi Carlile is a musician's musician, and these collaborations prove just how much she's admired across the industry. Check them out here and be changed for the better.

80 glorious celeb pics from GLAAD, Frameline, and NewFest “Cheers, Queers” event at Sundance

Queer filmmakers gathered to discuss their work in an event sponsored by the groups.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis exits Republican presidential race, backs Donald Trump

The Florida governor came in a distant second in Iowa to former President Donald Trump and is polling a distant third ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

Watch Kelly Clarkson help marry a gay couple on New Year’s Eve

Why is Kelly Clarkson so perfect?

Libs of TikTok’s Facebook account suspended then restored

It's not the first time for the far-right social media account known for its false claims.

Transgender Woman Shot and Killed by Food Delivery Driver in Maryland, Police Say

Meghan Riley Lewis was 57 years old and had two children.

Republican Lawmaker Spoke in Support of Bill to Kill Gay People in Uganda: Report

U.S. GOP Rep. Tim Walberg told Ugandan political leaders to "stand firm" against international pressure during an October speech at an event that heard speakers call LGBTQ+ rights advocates "a force from the bottom of hell."

Homophobe Lauren Boebert to Run in Different District After Groping Scandal and Lackluster Fundraising

Lauren Boebert, a far-right anti-LGBTQ+ lawmaker, was caught on video fondling her male date at a family-friendly musical production of Beetlejuice earlier this year. She's decided to run in a safer, redder district in 2024.