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Janet Mock on Making TV History as 'Pose' Director

Mock talks about directing an episode of the FX show, making her the first trans woman of color to direct, write, and produce a TV series.

Tonight's 'Room 104' Takes on Mormon Missionaries and Sexual Repression

Actor Adam Foster talks about working with the Duplass brothers and  portraying a missionary confronting doubts in tonight's episode.

Connor Franta: 'We're Walking Into Darkness'

The YouTube sensation and best-selling author talks about his new book, Note To Self, and his thoughts on the next four years.

Broad City's Eliot Glazer Turns Pop Music On Its Head

The acclaimed writer of New Girl,Younger, and Broad City (and occasional actor) has a new concert featuring the songs from his youth.

What Happens When Peter Thiel's Spyware Becomes Trump's New Toy?

The gay Silicon Valley mogul heads up a company that's long helped the NSA compile information on Americans, according to a new report.

Victim of Antigay Hate Crime Blames Trump for Divisive Culture

The co-owner of a drag show and restaurant was reportedly attacked for being gay.

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank Publicly Endorses Trump

Which brands will side with Trump, and which will defy him?


Growing Up Gay in the USSR (Video)

"I could tell from TV and movies and school discussions that I wasn't the only gay in the world."

Feminist Icon Mary Tyler Moore Dead at 80

The beloved actress died Wednesday morning in Connecticut.

Let's Talk 'Schools' With Betsy DeVos (Video)

This YouTube star lampoons the highly unqualified nominee for Education secretary.

We Read Peter Thiel's NYT Trump Love Letter So You Don't Have To

The gay entrepreneur continues to shower the increasingly unpopular president-elect with love.

Shepard Smith Blasts Trump for 'Belittling' CNN Journalist

The out Fox News anchor defended the freedom of the press in a sharp critique of the president-elect.

Country VJ Cody Alan Comes Out in Heartfelt Letter

"Being gay is like your eye color -- it's just there."

Will Madonna, Beyonce Offer Alternative to Trump Inauguration?

Momentum builds for a "freedom concert" as counter-programming to the January 20 swearing-in.

Teen Singing for Trump Familiar With Anti-Trans Bullying

Jackie Evancho, who will sing the national anthem at next month's ceremony, has faced bullying for having a trans relative.