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Op-ed: A Marine's Wishful Do-Over in a DADT-less Military

A Marine veteran imagines how life in the military could have been different for him if "don't ask, don't tell" had already been repealed.

Logan Lynn From Fundamentalism to Raunchy Rock Star

The musician opens up about his eviction from fundamentalist church life, the drug abuse that nearly killed him, and how music saved him.

Madonna Takes on St. Petersburg in Concert Turned Rally

St. Petersburg had banned any pro-LGBT speech as "propaganda" -- but that didn't stop Madonna from turning her concert there into a rally for rights.

Bright Light Bright Light Shines With New Album

An unlikely electronic pop star emerges from Wales with impressive lyrics and a smooth sound.

Writer Says Most Are Missing the Big Picture on Death of Erik Rhodes

The death of a porn star shouldn't be cast aside. The loss has a lesson for our community that it for too long has ignored, says writer Brett Edward Stout.

Protestors Face Off in Russia for First Time Over Gay Propaganda Law

Approximately 150 protestors faced off against 150 counter-protestors today in St. Petersburg's first official pride rally held in the Russian city since a new law banning gay "propaganda" took effect last month.

First Russian Fined for 'Gay Propaganda'

Nikolai Alexeyev, a prominent gay activist in Russia, has become the first person fined for the new crime of spreading gay "propaganda," the Associated Press reports.

A Russian court fined Alexeyev $170 for violating the new law. He said he plans to appeal. The judge in the case has not yet presented the grounds for the decision but expects to release the information next week.

New Book Sends the Younger You a Message

The Letter Q is the most recent book addressing the issue of teen suicide and sheds the formalities of speaking to a broad audience you've never met. It is instead an anthology of letters from LGBT writers to their younger selves.

Ban on All Sexual 'Propaganda' Proposed in Russia

In the latest round of arrests Monday, 17 Russian citizens in the country's second largest city were stopped from displaying rainbow flags, rainbow suspenders, and other rainbow insignias.

The arrests were made in St. Petersburg under the city's new law, which bans any display of so-called gay "propaganda," public discussion of homosexuality, transgender people or bisexuality. Any display of homosexual conduct that could potentially be seen by minors is also banned.

A Little Infection or a Superbug

Mutations in the most curable STI threaten to turn it into an impenetrable superbug.