Wisdom from a Mob Wife

Wisdom from a Mob Wife

At the annual Out magazine Pride Party, a flurry of flashes went off as Renee Graziano from VH1's Mob Wives dropped in to show love for her favorite people — the gays. The Advocate caught up with Graziano while lounging on her couch on a day she took to herself to “relax.” But even during the interview, Graziano’s life buzzed onward around her with the whirlwind of family drama and shouting we’ve come to love from the show.  Graziano talks about always being herself, her disagreement with the Pope, and her crush on Ellen DeGeneres — who she says could teach the men in her life a few things.

The Advocate: Season 3 of Mob Wives starts filming in July. Are you excited?
Renee Graziano: Very soon. Very excited. Not so excited to deal with the bullshit, but it comes with the world of “reality.”

How different is your life during filming?
My reality is so real. I don’t change when the cameras are on or off. For me, it is what it is. I say, “Renee is reality.”

Do people think they “know you” from watching you on the show?
Yes! Sometimes people are a bit too much when they approach me. People know that I don’t care for my son’s father, that’s not a secret, but when someone else starts getting derogatory and personal and it has to do with my son, then I get defensive. I can’t say I blame them cause I allow them into my life. But some people don’t have any couth.

You have a thing for gay men, don’t you?
I absolutely love gay men! I wish I could get a gay man to date me. It would be perfect. Well-dressed, in shape, and I wouldn’t have to worry about him cheating on me with another woman. What’s not to love?

What is it you love about men?
Straight men give you nothing but heartache. Seriously though, why do I love men? They protect you, they provide, not just financially but stability in the home, and just a strong man to love you, put his arm around and tell you everything is gonna be OK even if he’s lying.

You’ve come out of your own closet; you’ve come out of the “plastic surgery closet.” Was that difficult for you?
I feel like a gay man must feel when he comes out. It’s wonderful. What am I hiding it for? Cause I’m embarrassed that I’m not perfect? If there are things that can be fixed and it will make your life better, do it! Go to the gym first, but if it makes you happy, do it. I’ve started working with Dr. Fiorillo since my surgery went wrong one year ago today. That reminds me, I need to send him flowers!

For those who aren’t familiar, what happened a year ago?
I had a tummy tuck and he told me he was going to fix my rear which he never did because I almost dropped dead on the operating table. Dr. Fiorillo has repaired all the damage done by the last doctor.

You’ve also talked about suffering from depression. Do you still feel depressed?
I look in the mirror every day and I’m so happy to be me. I never thought I’d be able to say that. I know exactly when it was that it changed. It was the day after Dr. Fiorillo made me whole. He made my heart feel better. I don’t take any medication anymore at all. I’m officially off everything. I’m in recovery from Xanex and I avoid it completely now. I used to have problems sleeping.


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