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Locked Up for Being Gay? 

Was a lesbian couple’s imprisonment the matter of a bungled drug trial or homophobia?

Remembering a Pioneering Female Soldier Killed in Action

Adrianna Vorderbruggen, instrumental in repealing DADT, died while on active duty in Afghanistan.

Behind the Mormon Church's Ironic Defense of Discrimination

Mormons mass defections follow a new provision that denies membership to the children of same-sex couples. 

Reversing the Re-write of LGBT History

Jo Becker's version of the gay marriage story was undone before it was even published.

The Good, the Bad, and the Jewnicorn

Three couples explain what worked and what they'd do differently for their spectacular gay and lesbian weddings.

Don't Fence Me In

Porn Panic

The recession has dealt knockout blows to the auto and financial industries, and now adult entertainment could be the next to drop to its knees.