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The Intersection of Queer Identity and Atheism

Writer Camille Beredjick investigates the thorny relationship between spirituality and LGBT equality in the upcoming book Queer Disbelief. Read an exclusive excerpt below.

Silence Is Power on This Day

GLSEN's Camille Beredjick says Friday's Day of Silence is not just shutting up, it's standing up.

How Day of Silence Turns Oppression Into Empowerment

The country's beleaguered LGBT students still need Day of Silence, explains GLSEN's Camille Beredjick.

Coming Out As...A Sister

Sometimes your siblings are the people who know you best.

Op-ed: Why It Matters That Diana Nyad Is Gay

While some may want to have a post-gay view on notable people, we're just not there yet.

The FDAs Lesser Known Insult is a Ban on Gay Sperm Donors

The FDA not only bans gay and bi men from giving blood, they actively discourage them from donating sperm. Will the agency ever change its ways?

Op-ed: The Future of LGBT Journalism

A student journalist outlines Northwestern University's effort to assure the future of fair and extensive media coverage on LGBT issues.

The Lesbian Breast Cancer Link

Do a cluster of risk factors explain the high number of cancer deaths?

In The Life Announces End of TV Show

The pioneering television series will sign off after 20 years.

Gay-Owned Apt2B Wins Small Business Contest

Apt2B, a gay-owned home furnishings business, won DailyCandy's third annual Start Small, Go Big contest.

Author Lyndsey D'Arcangelo Tackles LGBT Homelessness

Is Lyndsey D'Arcangelo the new Judy Blume?

Writer Talks Sex, Lies, and Suicide

Writer Stephanie Schroeder speaks about her debut memoir on mental illness, queer relationships, and three suicide attempts.

David Dean Bottrell to Donate Show Profits to JD Disalvatore

Proceeds from the final performance of the solo show will help Disalvatore cover medical costs in the wake of her recent cancer diagnosis.

Ed Koch Against Pussy Riot

The former mayor of New York City says Putin was right to have punk band Pussy Riot arrested and prosecuted.

Tea Party Overwhelmingly Opposes Marriage Equality

A poll from TheWashington Post shows the Tea Party is the least likely political group to support marriage equality.

Lifetime Show Will Address Gay Sperm Ban

An upcoming episode will focus on the FDA's ban on sperm donation by men who have sex with men.

Missouri Teen Charged With Hate Crime

A 17-year-old, Mercedes M. Ayers, faces burglary and assault charges.

Indianapolis Council Approves Domestic Partner Benefits

Mayor Greg Ballard will decide whether to enact a measure giving health insurance benefits to the partners of city employees.