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PHOTOS: Same-Sex Weddings Around the World

From Canada to Uruguay and South Africa to Belgium, these beautiful same-sex wedding photos remind Australia's Malcolm Turnbull that the country is lagging behind on marriage equality.

Omar Sharif Jr. Featured on Arabic TV News

The interview is being hailed as the first time many people in the Arab world have heard directly from a gay person.

Get to Know Cuba's Santa Mariela

Mariela Castro, the Cuban president’s daughter, has made the country safe for LGBT people on the island. Now that Americans hope to visit more freely, what’s next?

On Giving Duck Dynasty a Second Chance

Jeff Calhoun, the gay director of the Duck Commander Musical, on giving the dynasty another chance.

Fun Home, Kristin Chenoweth Score Tony Noms

Fun Home, the musical based on the award-winning graphic novel by out author Alison Bechdel, lands 12 nominations.

WATCH: Empire's Jussie Smollett Comes Out to Ellen

The star of Fox's hit hip-hop drama Empire has his own Jodie Foster moment on Monday's episode of Ellen.

The Family Tragicomic That Could Change Broadway Forever

The story of the sexual awakening of a young, butch lesbian is the most honest thing Broadway has seen on LGBT lives.

Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Wreck, One Person Dead

Jenner was allegedly being chased by paparazzi.


2015 Oscar Noms: Imitation Game, Meryl Streep, Still Alice

Read the full list of nominations for this year's Academy Awards, to be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

Night Swimming in Vieques

Puerto Rico's unspoiled wedding getaway

Rich Ross Named Discovery Channel President

The former chairman of the Walt Disney Studios will join Discovery in January 2015


Photographer David Armstrong Dies at 60

The artist delighted in life's imperfections

New Generation Discovers Disco's Sylvester

A new generation discovers the inspiring disco queen's story.

Megan Smith: Most Powerful Lesbian in the White House?

The Google executive was named chief technology officer of the United States

First Active College Football Player Comes Out

By announcing that he's bisexual, Willamette University's kicker, Conner Mertens, becomes the college football player to come out while still active in the sport. 

Was Norman Rockwell Gay?

Celebrated as a painter of American ideals, he was actually craving male beauty.

Sigourney Weaver: Gay Rights Are 'The Big Battle of Our Time'

With the re-release of Prayers For Bobby on DVD, the Hollywood star discusses Russia's homophobic laws, how gorillas are superior to humans, and why parents need to trust their children.

NYC Mayor Ed Koch Dead at 88

Out magazine's Jerry Portwood looks at the legacy of the former New York City mayor who always insisted his sexuality was "nobody's business."