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Jessie Earl

Let's hear it for the thoroughly-modern webslinger, writes Jessie Earl.

January 25 2019 5:31 AM

Debating the role of anguish in trans identity.

January 18 2019 5:28 AM

Trans woman Jessie "Gender" Earl breaks down the controversy surrounding the Netflix film. 

January 15 2019 6:16 AM

While we talk a lot about how toxic masculinity hurts women, we need to start discussing why it also harms the men who express it.

November 30 2018 2:04 PM

For her last official The Advocates podcast appearance, co-host Jessie Earl shares what she's been thankful for this past year. 

6:12 AM

Despite effectively showcasing the dangers of fascism, J.K. Rowling consistently fails to represent the real-world victims of a horrifying ideology.

November 19 2018 3:01 PM

They're not going anywhere.

November 14 2018 5:04 AM