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200 Transgender People Share Why They Won't Be Erased

200 Transgender People Share Why They Won't Be Erased

They're not going anywhere.

Over 200 members of the transgender community submitted videos for our "We Won't Be Erased" video in order to recognize and honor Transgender Awareness Week. It's been a difficult time, with the recent report that the Trump administration is trying to define transgender people out of existence; news that follows last year's transgender military ban and the repeal of Obama-era guidance to protect trans students in schools. Yet the community has continually shown resilience in the face of adversity, as evidenced by the amazing win in Massachusetts with voters upholding transgender protections.

In the above video, we were humbled to share the hundreds of transgender voices who submitted videos to our campaign.

Watch the fully edited video above, or watch every submitted video in our complication below.

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