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Between The Lines With Bookish Lesbians

Bookish lesbians found one another in the queer bookstores of an earlier era -- and they also discovered community there. 

Pedro Almodóvar’s Serious Side

After the campy I'm So Excited and the heightened, melodramatic The Skin I Live In, the Spanish auteur's new film, Julieta, is a complex, dramatic exploration of motherhood.   

Why Is TV Killing Its Queer Women?

We get attached to lesbian and bi TV characters just in time to see them offed -- and in an almost predictable pattern. And viewers have had enough of it. 

Tokyo in Translation

When immersing oneself in unfamiliar surroundings, sometimes even the tiniest hints of familiarity can be misread. 

Inside The Gay Teen TV Revolution

Shows aimed at and about adolescents have transformed family TV viewing while shaping a generation’s understanding of what it means to be queer in real life.

The Most Important Lesbian Writer Never Heard Of

This author of pulp fiction, mystery, and YA literature forever changed perceptions of same-sex love and desire.

Short Is the Length of My True Love’s Hair

For many queer women, how we wear our hair is more than just a matter of convenience — though for others it’s precisely that.

The Unmistakably Gay World of Russell T Davies

Russell T Davies favors his current city over London, and flawed gays over paragons of TV virtue.

The Forgotten Lesbian Classic That Needs a Second Look

The Killing of Sister George is a rare and unflinching glimpse into real-life late-1960s lesbianism, and it deserves reputation rehabilitation.

Master Curation: How to Find Queer Hints in Art

A queer sensibility can be found in London's National Portrait Gallery. You just need to know where -- and how -- to look.