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Gaga for the Lady

Lady Gaga cavorts in couture. She only dons platinum wigs that suggest the presence of radioactivity. And she yells for you to dance, all in tribute to her favorite muse -- fame.

Remembering Sakia

Chances are you haven't heard much about Sakia Gunn, a 15-year-old lesbian stabbed to death in 2003 in Newark, N.J. -- and it's filmmaker Charles Bennett Brack's mission to change that.

New Kids Need New Act

The New Kids on the Block reunion album is a weird mishmash that doesn't appeal to teens and doesn't play to nostalgia. What's the point?

Madonnas Latest Reinvention

With rumors swirling that Madge has bedded a married Yankee, the public gets back the Madonna it loves best: brazen, sexual, and exciting.

Phair Play

Fifteen years after the release of her revolutionary album Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair performs all of the album's 18 tracks in Chicago -- with mixed results

Alanis's 'Flavors of Entanglement' Could Use A Bit More Spice

There's enjoyment to be found on the musician's latest work, but Louis Virtel wishes Alanis stretched herself further and delivered something fresher

13 Embarrassing Questions for Jackie Collins

On the eve of the release of her latest tome, Married Lovers, best-selling author Jackie Collins takes the tough questions -- and reveals a subtle fixation on George Clooney.

You Heard It Here: The Veronicas Rock

The Aussie twin duo of Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, on their new release, wail an Advocate come-hither if we ever heard one: "I want to kiss a girl! I want to kiss a boy!"

Diva in Training

Leona Lewis has the pipes -- but not the bravado -- to play in Mariah's league.

Give Him More

Chris Crocker, one of Web 2.0's most captivating personalities, gives a little glimpse into the world as he knows it.

Tell It To My Heart, Taylor Dayne

It's been a roller-coaster ride in the music industry, but 1980s pop star Taylor Dayne is making a comeback with her new album. Still, diva Dayne tells us why she just isn't Satisfied.

Taylor Dayne's a Little Too 'Satisfied'

After an extended hiatus, one of our favorite '80s pop stars is back with an album that's certainly fun but a little too easy

Indie Artists Do Justice to the Queen of Pop

Madonnahead Louis Virtel listens to Through the Wilderness: A Tribute to Madonna and finds much to cherish.

A Snug Fit

An Emmy-nominated soap star turned her harrowing experience with her hair into a business to help transgender women.

Annie’s strength

On Lennox's new album, Songs of Mass Destruction, the artist continues to successfully mine her ample power and fury

Silver fox

Louis Virtel shares his unhealthy obsession with Tim Gunn. Hey, he's not alone.

Prince phones it in for 'Planet Earth'

The Purple One is still making enjoyable music, but a little change might do him good

'Greek' goes gay--with suburbia watching

ABC Family's comedy Greek pledges to break the animal house mold. Actor Paul James's gay character Calvin goes to the head of the class.

Big Brother's quasi-queer twist

Season 8 of Big Brother creates tension by housing real-life enemies together. But the real drama rests with wily contestant Nick Starcevic, whose gay-for-play tactics steal the show.

Sinead's fire more like a spark on 'Theology'

Sinead bravely tackles hymns on Theology, but we miss the pope-ripping pop princess of the early '90s.