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Meet the Gay Men Whose 1971 Marriage Was Finally Recognized

The U.S. government did everything it could to nullify Richard Baker and James Michael McConnell's nuptials -- it only took Uncle Sam 48 years to come around. 

105 Photos of Bumps, Grinds, and Bulges at the Seattle Boylesque Festival

The Fourth Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival showcased over 30 super-sexed-up performers from all over the United States and Canada.

The Supreme Court Doesn't Believe LGBT People Are Real

The justices continue to argue that race is an immutable trait, but sexuality and gender identity, well, not so much.

The Mess of The Masterpiece Cakeshop, Explained

Here's what's going on and why it's about so much more than cake. 

How 'Designing Women' Addressed AIDS 30 Years Ago

This '80s sitcom spoke up about the disease when hardly anyone else would. 

Germany, Like America, Ponders Life After Marriage

LGBT activists in Europe's leading democracy -- some say the world's -- try to figure out where their attentions should turn next.

12 LGBT Icons From History Who Made Pride Possible

Pride wasn't built in a day. It required decades — centuries, even — of brave LGBT people who paved the way for a movement.

21 IML Dos and Don'ts

Read Matt Baume's helpful guide to the International Mr. Leather contest, or suffer the consequences, worm.

The Real Reason Behind Transgender 'Bathroom Bills'

Just under 200 legislators supported discriminatory bathroom bills last year. Here's why. 

What Even Is 'Traditional Marriage'?

With new efforts to repeal marriage equality in the works, we investigated what "traditional marriage" really means.

Why Can't Gay and Bi Men Donate Blood?

Blood from men who have sex with men could save over a million lives a year.

What's Next for Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black?

A Stonewall miniseries? Directing theater? Starting a family? The sky's the limit for Dustin Lance Black, thanks to love.

PHOTOS: The Costumes of Seattle's Pax Prime Video Game Convention

The cosplayers of the PAX Prime gaming convention in Seattle, WA August 28-31 were out in force to level up the fun. Here are a few of our favorites.

WATCH: More Officials Like Kim Davis Would Be a Disaster

A county's clerk's job requirements are pretty simple -- and don't involve judging every person who walks through the door.

Matt Baume, Andrew Sullivan Revisit the '80s in Defining Marriage

In this excerpt from Matt Baume's book Defining Marriage, Andrew Sullivan discusses how hard it was to grasp the idea of marriage equality in the age of Bush I.

VIDEO: Who's Missing From the 'Stonewall' Trailer?

The power of the Stonewall riots lies in all of the diverse people who participated. It's a problem when the story singles out one group and erases others.

Op-ed: Some of My Greatest Heroes Are Sissies

An 80-year parade of sissies from TV and movies made me the light-loafered man I am today.

VIDEO: When Was the First Official Same-Sex Marriage?

Marriage licenses for same-sex couples go back further than you might think.

How This Young Gay Boy Came Out to Hank Azaria

Sissies simply can't be held back.

Op-ed: Why This Gay Former Boy Scout Is 'Cheerful'

Finally, a group that supplies pocketknives to young boys has stopped claiming that LGBT people are dangerous.