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109 Photos of the Biggest, Most Exquisite DragCon LA Yet

The fifth annual event was the biggest so far — practically busting through the seams!

111 Photos of a Sloppy Free-for-All In Seattle

Party host Bottom Forty promised total freedom in an undisclosed location. Wheeee!

111 Muscle, Otter, Bear, and Daddy Pics for the Holidays

This traveling party night landed with an UNF in Seattle. 

100 Pics of Fetish Freaks Getting Exhibitionistic

Random open-mouth kissing of strangers, forced jockstrap exhibitionism, and the king of the sexual avant garde, Terry Miller.

74 Photos of Butch Rugby Players in Drag for Charity

The Seattle Quake's annual fundraiser includes drag, stripping, and other delightful behaviors. 

99 Photos of Pride Beyond Borders In Seattle

On these sunny days Seattle Pride believes in fostering goodwill and friendly relationships across borders.

98 Ferocious Photos of Seattle's Dyke March

The Seattle Dyke March welcomes feminists, queers, and dyke-identified folks for a collaborative and celebratory day. 

96 Extravagantly Beautiful Photos of Seattle's Trans Pride

Matt Baume's photos show a proud community expanding the world's view of trans life.

103 Photos of Guys Who Make Out With Strangers

Because you only live once, you're not getting any younger, and it feels good to snog with strange men once in a while. Just open your mouth and do it.

105 Photos, IML Day 3: A New International Mr. Leather

International Mr. Leather 2018, James Lee, takes the stage.

108 Photos, IML Day 2: Much Less Clothing, Much More Sex

Well, seems everyone has settled in some here at the International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago. Let's get naked and get to know each other better. Plus: Contestant previews.

IML Day One: 111 Photos of Frisky Leathermen and Pup Play

There was an orgy of wrasslin' sniffin' around, wet hugs, and old friends reuniting at International Mr. Leather Weekend, 40.

87 Photos of Monster Queens at the Boulet Brothers' DragulaWorld

Those nice Boulet brothers had a little party to welcome RuPaul’s DragCon to L.A. Isn’t that sweet?

104 Photos of Bears Looking to Get Some In Silver Lake

Those Bears In Space boys launched their lot party season with Honcho at Akbar. 

92 Dazzling and Ferocious Photos From DragCon LA

If you missed DragCon in Los Angeles this year, lay your heavily made-up eyes on these photos from last weekend.

105 Photos of Brooklyn's Bushwig Taking Over L.A. for DragCon Weekend

Perverse party games, gender terrorism, and glitter under your eyelids — the fun never stops!  

99 Photos of Men Exploring Their Inner 'Slut'

Fetish Night at C.C. Attire’s had a “Bar Slut Wear” theme. The difference between unashamed and shameless is tricky.

Taking It ALL Off for Mr Nude Cascadia (Photos)

Welcome to a new contest featuring and exploring male beauty.

101 Pics of Fly-Fishing for Bearracuda in the Great Northwest

OK, there was no fishing, because there were no fish. But plenty of bears were just waiting to get snagged and reeled in.