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Gay Men Can Be Misogynists Too

There is no group immune to intolerance, Monica Rodman recently discovered.

When Lesbian Techies Took Over San Francisco

Queer women took center stage at the recent "Lesbians Who Tech" conference. See some highlights here.

This Couple Sued the State Department for Discriminating Against Their Son

Andrew and Elad Dvash-Banks filed suit because the government refuses to recognize the American citizenship of one of their children.

Giant Oprah 2020 Billboard Goes Up in Los Angeles

The talk show icon may be denying rumors, but that didn't stop this clothing company from advocating for her candidacy.

Dana Debunks 3 Stereotypes Straight Men Have of Lesbians

Comedian Dana Goldberg has a lesson for the oblivious.

'Out in Left Field' With Dana Goldberg: Dana Celebrates #NoMoreRoyMoore

Dana thanks the black women of Alabama who kept a bigot from the Senate. Also, comedian Sampson McCormick talks about performing in front of the KKK.

This Woman Shines Light on Sexual Harassment in the Music Industry

During the Billboard's Women in Music Awards red carpet, we caught up with John Legend's manager, Ty Stiklorious, and asked why we haven't seen more women running the music business.  

Plaintiff David Mullen Speaks Out After Supreme Court Hears Cake Case

Following the first hearing of oral arguments at the Supreme Court, David Mullen and partner Charlie Craig explain why this case is not just about dessert.

Colorado Baker Paints Himself as Victim After Supreme Court Hearing

Here's what Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, had to say after the conclusion of today's oral arguments.

Protesters on Both Sides of Cake Debate Converge on Supreme Court

The most significant gay rights case in two years was heard on Tuesday morning by the Supreme Court.

This Activist Organized a Powerful Vigil for Trans Day of Remembrance

As a part of her Point Foundation Community Service Project, University of Souther California student and 2017 Point Scholar Kerri Cecil organized a memorial honoring the 2,609 trans people murdered since 2008.

Rabbi Denise Eger Is an Inspiration for the Activist in All of Us

"When we put our face and name out there, we can change minds and hearts."

Hundreds of Women Turn Out For #MeToo / Take Back the Workplace Protest

Two separate groups joined forces and marched through the streets of Hollywood in response to the flood of sexual assault allegations in the workplace.  

Australian Filmmakers and Artists Collaborate to Say 'I Do'

With the marriage equality postal survey now over in Australia, more than 30 Australian filmmakers and actors have been collaborating internationally over the past month on the I Do Project. 

Alexandra Billings on Why Trans People Shy Away From Joining #MeToo

Trans actress Alexandra Billings (Transparent) believes that the trans community is afraid of "muddying the waters" when it comes to joining the #MeToo conversation.  

Sen. Patty Murray Denounces Trump's Hateful Judicial Nominees

Before the Senate votes between four judicial nominees who hold very problematic views, Democratic Party Leader Patty Murray fights back against the conservative tide.

Let's Play 'Gay, Straight, or Bi' at L.A. Comic-Con

We were quite impressed by these cosplayers' knowledge of superhero sexuality.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes From Neil Patrick Harris and Family

Neil Patrick Harris and his family are the poster children for Halloween.

Todrick Hall's Top 5 Halloween Costumes

The performer and Drag Race judge dresses up all year long, and these are his best costumes.