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Why Are Lesbian Bars Special?

For LGBTQ+ History Month, the author of Moby Dyke discusses why lesbian bars are so sacred — and why it's so hard to find info on them online.

Lyft Adopts New Policies After Drag Queens Refused Rides

The rideshare company has changed its ways.

100 LGBTQ Groups, Leaders Urge White House to Condemn Brunei's New Law

Every major LGBTQ rights group was joined alongside prominent elected officials and religious leaders to denounce the Sultan's law allowing the stoning of queer people. 

Lone Senate Dem Will Not Support Equality Act Because It Protects Trans Youth

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin says he cannot support the historic Equality Act because it protects transgender youth in schools. 

Vermont Will Become 8th State to Green-Light Gender-Neutral IDs

Republican Gov. Phil Scott added that the new ID policy "is consistent with our Vermont values of inclusion and acceptance."

LGBTQ Malaysians Fight Back After Gov't Official Says They Don't Exist

"Erasure of our existence will not only just trivialize our struggle, but also perpetuate the injustices towards us," activist Numan Afifi says.

Colorado Finally Takes Action Against Conversion Therapy

Advocates -- who say LGBTQ youth are "consistently" put into reparative therapy in the state -- may finally ban the practice there.

Could Australia Be the Next Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?

Germany struggled for years to enact marriage equality, and Australia is similarily dragging its feet. 

Rape and Murder of Teen Shows Lack of Justice for LGBT Malaysians

A young man killed because he was deemed insufficiently masculine is the latest casualty of Malaysia's anti-LGBT culture.

How Racism in LGBT Nightlife Birthed a New Pride Flag

Philadelphia's inclusive flag started as a way for the city to heal after ugly incidents at the city's queer bars and clubs. It ended up sparking a national dialogue.


'It Takes Us Back to the 1960s': Mississippi Reacts to Hateful Law

Anti-LGBT legislation, which a court just ruled can go into effect, will make life even harder for queer people in Mississippi.

How to Get Republicans to Support Trans Rights

A surprising number of conservatives can be swayed on equality, according to a new survey.

An End to the HIV Epidemic? Not If Trumpcare Passes

"More people are going to get sick and more people are going to die."

Pride Has Always Been a Protest

As Los Angeles, Washington, and other cities prepare for marches Sunday, it's enlightening to remember Pride's roots.

Trump Skips Pride and Steps on Obama's Legacy

By not issuing a Pride proclamation or hosting a reception, Trump proves he's determined to roll-back all the LGBT progress of the last administration.

This Trans Student’s Legal Victory Is a Clear Rebuke to Trump

The president's administration had tried rolling back protections for transgender students.

All Evidence Points to Trump Having Zero Plans to Battle HIV

The future is uncertain for the Office of National AIDS Policy -- as well as millions of lives.

Will Trump Dismantle Women's Programs Hillary Clinton Set Up?

Officials in the State Department are reportedly "freaked out" by a request from the incoming administration.

Yet Another Fashion Icon Refuses to Dress Melania Trump

Vogue's Andre Leon Talley, a friend of the future first lady, told The New York Times he can't support Donald Trump's administration.

Clinton Lawyer 'Appalled' at Lack of Information Used to Justify Email Probe

Data shows that many voters lost trust in Clinton after the FBI issued a letter to Congress days before the election.