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George Takei's Passion Project

The gay activist is not giving up on ending the American epidemic of gun violence.

9 Queer People in an RV Trying to Stop Mass Shootings

A new film, Disarm Hate, artfully chronicles the pain and resolve that followed the Pulse massacre.

Tantrums and Tiaras: When Drag Does Good

This San Diego fundraiser netted tens of thousands for LGBTQ causes. Photos by Cece Canton.

Mississippi Voters: The GOP Has Already Taken Away Your Guns

As the state goes to the polls today, Thom Senzee points out the hypocrisy of the GOP's hold on rural voters.

Separating Families Affects Kids Forever. I Know From Experience.

Thom Senzee knows what it's like to be pulled from a parent, and why Trump's border policy is the height of cruelty.

This November, Reward Candidates Who Fail the NRA's Test

We've strayed so far from the Second Amendment's true intention -- and the National Rifle Association knows it.

Federal Attack on LGBT Health Care Is Real and Dangerous

The Trump administration's policies are literally putting queer lives at risk. Thankfully, LGBT health professionals are convening next week to discuss next steps.

What Makes San Diego Pride Unique? Hint: Uniforms

The LGBT celebration in "America's Finest City" is an interesting amalgam of liberal and conservative values.

9 LGBT Shows That Deserve Reboots

Our cream-of-the-crop list of titles we think actually deserve a redux.

This Trial Is About More Than a Gay Guy in a Thong

Will Walters says his arrest for public nudity at San Diego Pride in 2011 shows unequal application of the laws.

Pulse Hero Recounts Night He Saved 70: 'Time Slowed Down'

The Advocate spoke with U.S. Marine and Afghanistan War veteran, Imran Yousuf, about how his heroism saved the lives of scores of people when terror struck in Orlando.

14 LGBT Heroes Who Saved the Day

Since the beginning of time, LGBT people have changed the world through feats of valor -- though many did not receive the appreciation they deserved.

20 LGBTQ People Who Changed the World

Remember our rich history — it goes way back.

7 Crazy Gun Laws That Put Our Lives at Risk

In the wake of Orlando and the impending Senate vote on gun control, is change afoot?

17 States Where Gay Sex Is Outlawed

The Supreme Court invalidated so-called sodomy laws, yet they remain on the books; and cops still arrest people for 'violating' them.

12 Countries That Will Kill You for Being LGBT

The right of marriage is a far-off dream in places where simply being gay carries the death penalty. 

Life (Insurance) After HIV

Aequalis breathes new life into the HIV-positive insurance market.

Last Year Was Deadly for Trans Youth in San Diego

Four transgender teenagers, all from the San Diego area, died last year by suicide.

Islamophobia, Homophobia in Omar Sharif Jr.'s Sights

The fight against Islamophobia is part of a quest for the "movable middle" that LGBT people have long sought, argues activist Omar Sharif Jr.