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When Will the Fighting Stop?

San Francisco suburb Alameda is testing out antibullying education that may soon spread across the country. But will right-wingers who argue that gays shouldn't get "special privileges" get their way?

Queens of the Crews

America's Best Dance Crew 's gay group may have to contend with judges calling them ladies and a fickle voting audience -- but if backflips in stilettos don't get them noticed, nothing will.

Waiting on a Shooter

Alona Livneh was enjoying a typical Saturday night of chess and music at Tel Aviv's gay youth center when a shooter opened fire on the basement full of kids. She's angry and scared, but like much of the city's gay community, hopeful.

Brüno and its Discontents

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest satire on Americans and their beliefs holds a mirror to society while making the handfuls of gays squirm in their seats.

Bruno's Over-The-Top Deleted Scene

Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno is intended to raise eyebrows. But the most shocking scene of all was axed in test screenings. Out director Richard Bay saw the film with that scene in place -- and he was not amused.

Keeping Real World's Tradition

Before everyone arrived... before names had even been exchanged, members of The Real World: Cancun cast asked the gay question. They knew there was one among them -- and his name is Derek Chavez.

Another Child Lost to Bullying

Despite pleas to an apathetic school administration, 11-year-old Jaheem Herrera took his life last month when he couldn't take the homophobic bullying anymore. Now his mother is fighting to prevent this from happening yet again.

School Yard Bully

A community reacts to the death of 11-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, who committed suicide after months of antigay tauntsaEUR|and little action from his school.