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Ben Carson

HUD: Trans Women Could Be ID'd at Homeless Shelters by Adam's Apples

Shelter operators could use physical characteristics to force trans women to be housed with men under a new proposed rule.

HUD Seeks to Allow Discrimination Against Homeless Trans People

Under a proposed rule announced by Ben Carson, federally funded shelters could turn away trans people or force them into unsafe situations.

Resolution Filed Condemning Ben Carson's Transphobic Remarks

The HUD secretary in September voiced concern over "big, hairy men" entering women's shelters.

Ben Carson Spews Hateful Anti-Trans Slurs at HUD Meeting

Housing and Urban Development employees said they were appalled by the secretary's remark about "big, hairy men" in women's shelters.

Ben Carson Backs Discrimination Against Homeless Trans People

A new rule proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development would gut antidiscrimination protections.

Ben Carson Won’t Restore LGBTQ Protections at HUD

He told Congress the discrimination won't happen anyway.

Ben Carson: Trans People in Homeless Shelters Cause Discomfort

It's not the first time the current HUD Secretary painted trans people as scary.

HUD Rewrites History in Trump’s 'Fake News' Administration

There are very real repercussions when departments like Housing and Urban Development drop their commitment to fair policies.

Fighting Discrimination No Longer a Mission of Ben Carson's HUD

The Housing and Urban Development department -- headed by homophobe Ben Carson -- removed key points of its misson statement.

Wake Up, Ben Carson: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Will Tell You How It Is

"The president-elect is hiding his business interests from you, from me, from the rest of the country," Sen. Elizabeth Warren told the neurosurgeon turned nominee for Housing and Urban Development. 

Ben Carson: LGBT People Don't Deserve 'Extra Rights'

Carson used the questionable phrase when asked about enforcing rights as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 

Trump Nominates Anti-LGBT Ben Carson for HUD Secretary

The neurosurgeon who claimed he would not be taking a position in the Trump administration because he lacks experience has been nominated for a top role. 

Ben Carson 'Buried the Hatchet' to Endorse Donald Trump

The former neurosurgeon, who dropped out of the race last week, endorses Donald Trump for president. 

Ben Carson to Endorse Donald Trump for President

Carson will make the announcement Friday, The Washington Post reports.

Ben Carson's New Gig: Getting Out the Christian Vote

Having ended his presidential campaign, Carson will chair My Faith Votes, a group dedicated to motivating people with a 'biblical worldview' to vote.

Did Ben Carson Just Drop Out of the Presidential Race?

Not exactly, but the former neurosurgeon indicated that’s what he plans to do Friday at an annual conference of anti-LGBT groups. 

A Huge Night for Donald Trump

Trump has been declared a winner in seven states, Ted Cruz in three, and Marco Rubio in one. 

Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucus

The business tycoon was widely predicted to win the state.

GOP DEBATE: Supreme Court Vacancy Takes Center Stage

Most of the candidates said the next president, not Obama, should appoint Antonin Scalia's successor. They also had some notable fights among themselves.