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Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner Weighs in on 'Bros' Disappointing Box Office Debut

The historic gay rom-com received a positive response from critics and vieweres despite having been review bombed.

Billy Eichner's Gay Rom-Com 'Bros' a Hit Despite Review Bombers

Because the LGBTQ-affirming movie is so great, the homophobic haters are out in full force, but the reviews are in, and people love Bros.

Billy Eichner, Paul Rudd, & 'Wild Lesbians' Hit the Street for 'Bros'

Eichner, co-writer and star of the gay rom-com, releases his first Billy on the Street video in three years.

Billy Eichner Calls Out Clarence Thomas and Other Homophobes

He lambasted Thomas at the VMAs for his wish to take away marriage equality -- and also promoted his new film Bros, a gay romantic comedy.

Billy Eichner Claps Back at Article Attacking Bros Trailer for Gay Sex

The article seems to take issue with a certain sex scene in the Bros trailer, among other things.

Watch the NSFW Trailer for Billy Eichner’s Queer Rom-Com 'Bros' Here

The history-making film hits theaters on September 30.

Watch Billy Eichner's First Monologue as Kimmel's Replacement Host

The gay comedian brought some levity to our "disease-ridden, fascist state."

Billy Eichner Feels 'Straight' on the Street With the Jonas Brothers

The gay comedian heralded the return of the "Sucker" singers to a mixed crowd of New Yorkers.

Billy Eichner Wants to Be the First Gay Bachelor

The gay comedian says it's time for queer diversity on The Bachelor, ABC's long-running reality dating series.

14 LGBTQ, Queer-Friendly Oscar Hosts Who Could Shake It Up

Hannah Gadsby making a room full of old-guard Hollywood types very uncomfortable would be must-see viewing. 

'Difficult People' Leveled Accusations at Kevin Spacey for Three Seasons

Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner alluded to Spacey's reputation as a sexual predator with some deep, dark jokes.

LGBT Twitter Skewers Trump as He Dumps Birtherism, Blames Clinton for It

Donald Trump finally admits President Obama was born in the United States but passes the blame for his actions to Hillary Clinton. Twitter wits have something to say about it.

LGBT Comedians React to Drag-tastic VMAs

Any time you have Britney and Bey in the same room, gay Twitter is going to have something to say about it.

WATCH: Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd for $1?

Bill Eichner offered people on the street one dollar to have sex with Paul Rudd. Most New Yorkers, even straight men, would do it for free.

WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Gets Wreckless, Destroys a Car

Lindsay Lohan is mad and the only way to deal with her loss is to take a sledgehammer to Neil Patrick Harris' face.

WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris Consoles Strangers in New York

No one could possibly be more sad about the cancellation of How I Met Your Mother than Billy Eichner. He and Neil Patrick Harris hit the streets to ask New Yorkers if they feel nearly as distraught over it. (Hint: They don't)

WATCH: Name That Christmas Tune --or Else

Comedians Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler try to force holiday spirit onto unsuspecting New Yorkers.