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Billy Eichner Feels 'Straight' on the Street With the Jonas Brothers

Billy on the Street

Billy Eichner was very excited to announce the return of the Jonas Brothers.

"The measles are back and so are the Jonas brothers, so we’re about to hit the streets and have New Yorkers welcome them back!" the gay comedian announced in his latest episode of Billy on the Street.

In the signature style of his comedic series, Eichner ran around the Big Apple yelling, "The Jonas Brothers are back!" with Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas in tow. The singers, for context, released their first track in years, called "Sucker."

New Yorkers were a hard group to impress. "Who cares?" and “No offense, but I don’t listen to your music" were among the responses by strangers who encountered the famous trio. One older woman wasn't thrilled with the title of the song.

However, one enthusiastic man gave high fives to the Jonases. "I feel straight!" Eichner declared before fleeing the display of bro affection.

Watch the episode below.

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