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Billy Eichner Wants to Be the First Gay Bachelor

Billy Eichner Wants To Be the First Gay Bachelor

The gay comedian says it's time for queer diversity on The Bachelor, ABC's long-running reality dating series.

Billy Eichner says it's time that The Bacherlor has its first gay contestant... and that he's available.

The gay comedian made a guest appearance on Monday night's episode of the ABC reality show, where he joined in on the chorus mocking the virginity of this season's bachelor, Colton Underwood.

After promoting the idea of one-night stands, Eichner even joked that given Underwood's sexual inexperience, he could even be gay and not know it.

"That I think you should look into," teased the Billy On the Street jokester. "Maybe you're the first gay Bachelor and we don't even know!"

While it's hard to imagine any gay man agreeing to be locked in a mansion with 30 lustful women, according to Eichner, it may be time for a Bachelor season on the opposite side of the Kinsey scale.

After his guest appearance aired, Eichner took to Twitter to advocate for a more LGBTQ-inclusive season of the dating show and even floated his own name as a potential gay bachelor. Eichner later tweeted that he believed that "a gay man as the bachelor would open up a lot of hearts and minds in this country."

When one Twitter user pointed out to Eichner that a "gay season of The Bachelor" had already occurred -- by referencing Finding Prince Charming, a short-lived queer dating show on the LGBTQ network Logo -- Eichner dismissed the claim. "With all due respect, that doesn't count," he said.

The Bachelor has always had a problem with diversity. Even with 23 seasons on the air, there has yet to black bachelor -- although Juan Pablo Galavis did break ground as the show's first Latino bachelor in 2014. Moreover, the series' sister-show, The Bachelorette, has only had one non-white lead contestant in its 14-season history.

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