WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Gets Wreckless, Destroys a Car

WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Gets Wreckless, Destroys a Car

Things are getting out of hand on Billy on the Street. Earlier this week, Eichner made Neil Patrick Harris watch while he accosted the citizens of New York to mourn the end of How I Met Your Mother. As if screaming at strangers wasn't enough, Eichner dialed up the aggression with fellow celebrity crazy pants and How I Met Your Mother fan, Lindsay Lohan. The two decide to unleash their rage by destroying a car decorated with pictures of the cast.

This clip is so weird and awesome. Who doesn't want to watch Lindsay Lohan destroy a car while screaming, "I should've done this to Herbie Fully Loaded when he abandoned me! And you guys are abandoning me too? I already have issues!" 


Watch LiLo get nuts in the full clip below:

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