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Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Gov. Creates First Trans Employment Protections

John Bel Edwards's executive order includes a religious exemption, however, and applies to state contractors but not other private employers.

Louisiana Gov. to Rescind Predecessor's Antigay Order

John Bel Edwards says he will soon repeal Bobby Jindal's Marriage and Conscience Order, which allows for antigay discrimination.

Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Republican Presidential Race

The Louisiana governor competed heavily for social conservatives with a message about 'religious freedom.'

WATCH: Antigay Pastor Rants Against Dumbledore

Even gay, fictional characters are enough to anger this noted homophobic Colorado pastor.

Don't Be Fooled by This 'Religious Liberty' Conference

GOP candidates are joining a conference featuring those who want 'religious liberty' to execute gays.

DEBATE: Touting Conservative Cred on Economy, Not Social Issues

Tonight's early-evening Republican debate focused on the economy, with only the occasional dog whistle on LGBT issues.

GOPers Talk 'Persecuted' Christians, Defying Supreme Court

Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum trot out their antigay cred in the 'kids' table' debate.

Yet Another Court Tells Bobby Jindal to Obey SCOTUS

The state of Louisiana was among the last holdouts on recognizing the Supreme Court's ruling.


Bobby Jindal Blocking Marriages in Louisiana

The archconservative governor and GOP presidential candidate is doing all he can to stop same-sex weddings in his state.

Bobby Jindal Makes It Official: He's Running for President

The Louisiana governor is one more far-right, antigay candidate in the field.

Sparring with Antigay Jindal, IBM Cancels Louisiana Event

IBM will not be hosting a ribbon-cutting for their new Baton Rouge office, thanks to the governor's discriminatory executive order.

New Orleans Mayor Counters Jindal's Order With One of Acceptance for All

Mayor Mitch Landrieu says his famously tolerant city will continue to welcome everyone, including LGBT people, despite Gov. Bobby Jindal's antigay 'conscience protection' order.

'Desperate' Gov. Jindal Imposes 'Religious Freedom' Order

When lawmakers stalled a 'license to discriminate' bill advocated by the governor, Jindal took matters into his own hands and issued a sweeping executive order.

Bobby Jindal Promises to Resurrect 'Religious Freedom' Bill

A legislative committee tabled the antigay bill indefinitely, but Gov. Bobby Jindal says he'll issue an executive order to accomplish its goals.

WATCH: Ad Blasts Bobby Jindal's 'License to Discriminate' Bill

The ad from Truth Wins Out says the legislation will cause economic harm to Louisiana.

In NYT Op-ed, Bobby Jindal Defends Discriminatory 'Religious Freedom' Bill

The Louisiana governor and possible presidential candidate says corporate 'bullying' led to changes in such laws in Indiana and Arkansas.

Bobby Jindal: My Antigay Marriage Bill Isn't Discriminatory

The Louisiana governor claims the bill won't really allow discrimination against same-sex couples, but opponents say it will do just that.

Bobby Jindal Wants to Give La. 'License to Discriminate'

The legislation is broader than measures caused outcry in other states, but Jindal says passing it is one of his priorities.

WATCH: Bobby Jindal 'Disappointed' by Fix to Discriminatory Indiana Law

On Meet the Press, Jindal also dodges a question about an even harsher measure proposed in his state, Louisiana.

LISTEN: GOP Presidential Hopefuls Play Christian Victim Card

The debate over 'religious freedom' laws betrays intolerance of Christians, say Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal.