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Bryan Fischer

Read the latest news about Bryan Fischer, a radio personality and spokesman for the American Family Association, which is termed a 'hate group' by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its consistent spreading of misinformation about LGBT people. Bryan Fischer is known for his often extreme vitriol against the LGBT community, including remarking that the striking down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act was a worse travesty than Trayvon Martin's death, praise of India's courts for recriminalizing homosexuality, and calls for laws against sodomy to be reinstated in the United States.

Your Tax Dollars Are Supporting Anti-LGBTQ+ Organizations

Recipients of loans under the Paycheck Protection Program include the Catholic Church and the American Family Association.

Bryan Fischer: COVID-19 Upside Is Kids Won't Hang Out With Drag Queens

With schools shut down, children won't be "brainwashed" with pro-LGBTQ ideology, the homophobe writes.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer: 'The Nazi Party Started in a Gay Bar'

The American Family Association commentator continues to promulgate a bizarre origin story about the Nazis.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer: Hallmark Caved to 'Gay Gestapo'

The hateful commentator once again uses Nazi imagery to refer to LGBTQ people.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer Says All Gay Tops and Bottoms Go to Hell

Fischer also says Pete Buttigieg is "prancing" around the nation and that the Equality Act will protect pedophiles.

N.Y. Archbishop Flummoxed by Pope's Gay-Supportive Comments

Timothy Dolan gives a muddled explanation, while some right-wing pundits call the remarks "scandalous."

Reading the Far Right: Defending Comey's Canning, Hating on Handmaids

Right-wingers are also lamenting the withdrawal of anti-LGBT Army secretary nominee Mark Green.

Far-Right Wingnut Bryan Fischer Denounces Neil Gorsuch's Church

Fischer doesn't like that the Supreme Court nominee belongs to the "rabidly pro-gay" Episcopal Church.

Religious Right-Wingers Back Trump's Muslim Ban

Radio host Sandy Rios, mouthpiece for the American Family Association, supports Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S.

WATCH: Marriage Equality Ruling an 'Atrocity,' Says Alabama Justice

State Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker urges states to disobey the ruling and adds that gay people already had equal marriage rights -- to marry someone of the opposite sex.

Huckabee Cries 'Free Kim Davis,' Others Call Her Rosa Parks

Right-wing politicians and pundits have found a hero and martyr in the Kentucky county clerk.

WATCH: Kim Davis as Heroic as Abolitionists, Says Bryan Fischer

Yep, opposing marriage equality is just like opposing slavery. Or the Nazis, says the antigay commentator.

Bryan Fischer Claims Homophobes Are 'Born That Way'

There's an instinctive revulsion to 'the act of homosexuality,' the antigay activist claims.

WATCH: The Right-Wing Dissing of Caitlyn Jenner Begins

The Fox empire, The Daily Caller, and other conservative types misgender or otherwise disrespect Jenner, and one claims she's under Satan's control.

Fischer: 'Gay Conservative' Is an 'Oxymoron'

Fischer earns his Phobie credentials once again in denouncing gay conservative commentator Guy Benson.

Not Really Fired: Bryan Fischer Will Continue to Spew Hate

The American Family Association is trying to lower Fischer's profile, but he still has an AFA-affiliated radio show to promote his homophobic bile.

Huckabee Ready to Leave GOP Over Marriage Equality

The party isn't strong enough in its opposition to marriage equality to suit Mike Huckabee, who once sought its presidential nomination. Meanwhile, another right-winger likens marriage equality to slavery.

Bachmann Backtracks Claim That Marriage Equality's 'Not an Issue'

The right-wing congresswoman also said the subject is 'boring' -- but she then added that she meant it's boring that the media only asks Republicans about the issue.

Santorum: Fellow Right-Wingers Will Be Sent to Camps

It's been said that whoever makes the Nazi comparison first loses the argument. The antigay folks seem to be losing.

Phobie Awards: The 13 Worst People of the Year

Friday the 13th is upon us, in 2013. Let's review the year's 13 biggest homophobes with The Advocate's annual Phobie Awards.