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Equality Allies

Moving Forward

Moving Forward


Two words that inspire all of us at Toyota to embrace progress and innovation - not just in our products and services, but also in our people and practices.

Moving Forward. The vision it inspires is the engine that drives us. It's why we make diversity and inclusion our priority -- why we strive to stay ahead of the curve in workplace equality and LGBT inclusion.

Our commitment to progress and innovation has inspired best-in-class initiatives. We have policies in place to help protect against discrimination. Full benefits are offered to same gender domestic partners. And, since 2007, Toyota has had a transgender policy and transition plan in place.

Equality-allies_toyotalogoOur Spectrum Business Partnership Group promotes customer understanding, community support, and professional development for LGBTs and Allies at Toyota. We proudly support the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, The Point Foundation, AIDS Walk Los Angeles, as well as LA-based LifeWorks which provides mentoring for LGBT youth.

Toyota02x400wideAccolades from leading LGBT organizations recognize Toyota's efforts. Our perfect 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index serves as but one example. We accept these honors with pride and appreciation. They serve to acknowledge that we are indeed making a difference and that our words are supported by our deeds.

Hrc_bestplacesx150_3At Toyota, moving forward is an ongoing journey. Each time we reach a new benchmark of achievement, there is a higher goal beyond. So while we celebrate each accomplishment made in our path toward progress, we remain constant in our commitment to opening new doors and opportunities.

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